The cold weather is here and we all worry about the harsh weather taking a toll on our health and skin. During the winter season, there are certain winter tips that you can follow for good health and beauty.

Here are a few winter health care tips that you can follow for a healthy body and glowing skin:

 1. Drink Lots of Water and fluids - Water has the ability to cleanse your internal organs. You eat a lot of unhealthy food every day, knowingly or unknowingly. Intake of water will help you to clean your body against those hazardous chemicals that are taken in. During winter, people often neglect water because you just do not feel thirsty. Try green tea this winter. It is a good substitute for your coffee or tea. It is a healthy alternative and makes you feel fresh.

2. Get Enough Sleep- During the winter season, getting good amounts of sleep is an important step in maintaining optimal health. Sleeping too little or too much can negatively impact your body. Sleep is important for the immune system of your body as well.

3. Eat Healthy - Remember to include lots of vegetables and fruits into your diet this winter. Your skin and body will thank you for the extra boost of vitamins to your internal systems.

4. Take Brief Showers- We all love a long hot water shower during winter season. But studies say that it is a bad idea. Studies show that showers longer than 10 affects the moisture content of your skin. Your skin may become drier, which will result the need  to keep applying moisturizer. Also, make sure that your soaps are rich in moisture content.

5. Get Plenty Of Exercise - Move your body this winter season. This is one of the most crucial tips that you must remember as part of your winter health and beauty routine. Hit the gym or do yoga. 30 minutes of physical activity per day brings you one step closer to keeping the flu & cold bugs away.