Why Toner Is The Secret To Naturally Beautiful Skin



From cleansers to serums and moisturizers, there are so many choices on the market that are each created for a different set of skin care needs. We all have our favorite beauty product, but there is one product that is often overlooked, and it just might be the solution you never knew your skin needed. This miracle worker is none other than TONER, a great all in one solution that not only cleans your skin but also moisturizes and refreshes it. Applying toner is a simple step that you can add to your beauty routine to enhance that work that you’ve already put in.


It Removes Left Behind Residue


There is no better feeling than taking off your makeup at the end of the day. It is an essential part of your night time routine that prevents bacteria from seeping into your pores. Some makeup removers advertise that there is no need to cleanse after removal, this is simply NOT TRUE! The toner acts as a final power wash, dissolving dirt and bacteria and clearing away makeup that you can no longer see. For best results, after washing your face take a small cotton ball with some toner and wipe in upward motions all over your skin. You will see leftover residue that normal makeup remover just can't get!


It Moisturizes And Balances Out Your Skins PH

Believe it or not, toner doesn’t just clear out leftover dirt, it also moisturizes your skin. It is important to know that many toners have different ingredients. Toners that contain alcohol will not provide moisture, as they are formulated for more acne prone/oily skin types and it aims to dry out unwanted oils. If you have less oily skin and are looking to balance out the moisture in your skin, look for toners that are water based and contains ingredients such as witch hazel and aloe. These ingredients won’t strip your skin of its natural oils and will add a protective layer of moisture to your skin.


It Tightens Your Pores And Strengthens Your Skin

As the toner works to remove extra dirt and oils, it purifies your pores and shrinks them to fully clear the skin of impurities. OCEANES White Pearl Infused Toner goes one step further! This toner contains pearls, also known as jewels from the ocean and cutting-edge marine plant stem technology and it is gentle enough to clean deeply and also maintain balanced pH and moisture levels. This toner purifies and detoxifies the skin and is an essential part of your daily beauty routine. This type of formula is great if you suffer from acne or even if you've been wanting to achieve younger, tighter looking skin. For best results, use morning and night to keep your pores in place and to prevent acne-causing bacteria from infiltrating your skin's barrier. 


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